Tricks When Playing Support on League of Legends

There are many popular online games that you can play with your friends or other people around the world. You can connect and have fun with them through online games. One of the most popular online games right now is called League of Legends. Many players of this game became famous for playing this game, and they are considered top players who compete in different countries. Since they are known to be good at this game, some do not want to play with them in one match. Some top players like buying smurfs, and they use these accounts that have low ranks play so that their opponents would not notice that they are experienced players.

There are different positions when playing League of Legends, such as Top, Mid, Bottom, and Support. Here are some tricks you can practice when playing as support:

Protect the River

The river is your job as support when your lane is already exposed. There will be no danger that the river will break if you are already protecting it when your lane is discovered. You would want to conserve your lane so that you can utilize it fully in the game.

Guard the Enemy’s Wraith Camp

It would be best if you guarded the enemy’s wraith camp as soon as the game starts, this will tell you where is the jungler located. When you already know where its location is, you can think of tactics, either you are going to be aggressive or wait for the enemy to come to you. This trick can be useful for both destruction and prevention.

Do Not Take Loose Damage

Keep in mind what position you are at so that you know where the enemy will be coming from. If you are not alert about your location, the enemy can damage you freely since you are not aware of its position. No one wants to get hit without trading the damage.

Stack Golds Per Five Items

gold bars

It would help if you piled up golds per five items since you will require a source of income, as you will not accept the kills of the minions. You must buy golds per five items as soon as possible since this can only be your source of income during the game to purchase things you may need.

Run Defensive Masteries and Runes

You may need to run masteries and runes even on other support heroes’ campions. This trick will help in preventing yourself from dying and feeding your enemy. You need to defend yourself from them because an excellent support player never dies!