Top Apps to Improve Your Phone’s Performance

You may be very impressed by the performance of your Android phone. It runs a large number of games and programs. However, your phone can become unstable or drain its battery faster than necessary if you don’t stress it. Problems on your device often occur when you use many programs or run more than one app at a time. You may also experience other issues such as lower volume, slower SD file transfer speed, slower CPU processing, and slower browser speed. Just like your PC, your phone or tablet needs a periodic check to ensure optimal speed and performance. Some monitor your phone’s processing power and offer periodic evaluations. Aside from Lucky Patcher, these are some of the best apps to improve your phone’s functionality.

Avast Cleanup


This app optimizes your media library by merely removing unwanted, low-quality, or duplicate images. But wait! There’s more. The app improves performance by preventing resource-consuming apps from running in the background on your computer and removing bloatware pre-installed on your device. If you use the free version, you may have to live with ads. Or you can upgrade to an ad-free version of Avast Cleanup. Avast Cleanup comes bundled with an excellent user-friendly wizard that can guide you through the initial cleanup to improve your Android phone performance.

The app shows you exactly how much storage space has been consumed along with the accessible storage space through the simple user interface. You can grant access to this app to display and show you the steps required to free up the storage space. Perform all the tasks that this program instructs you to do. This is Avast, which means you want to be protected. It will take a few minutes to finish scanning. The best part is that they are not categorized for deletion, as the app allows the user to decide whether they want to keep them or delete them from the phone.


The most commendable part of this app is the ability to sub-clock processor settings. Reducing the clock speed of a processor has its advantages. It can save battery, although the performance of some high-end apps will decrease. On most devices, the program also allows you to adjust the phone’s voltage to save battery life. With SetCPU, you can opt for a preset profile determined by specific needs to change the CPU settings. Depending on the profile chosen, the application can overclock or underclock the processor settings when surfing the web or when the CPU temperature is too high. With these options and features, this free application will provide a much-needed performance boost to your device.

ROM Manager

ROM Manager, developed by Koushik Dutta, allows you to add more power to an unlocked Android phone. You can prepare the famous CyanogenMod to restore the settings of your frozen phone completely. The ROM includes a new custom soft keyboard that is more accurate than the one included with the phone. The ROM also provides performance enhancement options on your device’s CPU. You can find many more features at ROM Manager. You will be able to download it for free or purchase the premium version for additional features.

With a massive collection of custom utilities, this is a must-have app for many frozen phone users. In addition to using some preset profiles, the app also allows you to create custom profiles that work when a particular condition is triggered. Although this can slow down applications, it will enable basic and essential programs to run without any problems. With this system, users can configure presets and create their own presets.