Android Application Emulators for Windows PC

There are various online games that you could play on your Android phone, but not on your computer. An Android emulator for Windows PC allows you to test and try Android programs on your computer. You can explore different programs that come bundled with software development kits. However, third-party applications offer the ideal simulation experience. A third-party Android emulator can run the latest online games launched by Google Play. It will also allow aspiring developers to study with their brand new app.


Here are some of the best Android app emulators that you can use on your Windows PC:


google playBlueStacks is one of the best emulators to play Android games on your PC. It works with both older and newer programs from Google Play. Also, you can inspect a program that you have written. Just right-click inside the .apk document and choose Program Player to view it. Since BlueStacks can only handle a few programs, with the current Program Player having a sophisticated search selection where everyone is ready to enter the application’s title, you can click on the search results and then wait until the program is fully configured.

The best aspect of this program is its interface itself. I found it quite simple and clear. I can safely find the installed programs through a menu that lists all the programs horizontally. There is also a vertical sidebar that shows the newly available programs to download. BlueStacks is still in beta mode and can be downloaded for free, but could become a paid program later.


AMIDUOS The program is quite easy to install, and it won’t take long compared to others. It provides a complete meeting with Android, and it works pretty fast. The program supports 3D acceleration to run almost all graphics-intensive Android games on their Windows PC.

By installing AMIDuOS, you can easily exchange melodies, videos, and photos. With the program’s SD card options, you can correct the size of your SD card with a relatively simple tool. AmiDuOS allows a complete Android experience, like playing games, and can be set up in no time. A program emulator for Android that needs to be downloaded to your Windows PC. And if you try to get an emulator through the BlueStacks instance, I recommend you try Windroye.


Many games and programs run only on Android 4.0+ devices. GenyMotion comes with an electronic server, Oracle VM VirtualBox, but you can download and install separately. The installation is simple, like yours, but before downloading, you have to enter the website. The program’s player is still in the beta phase, so the functionality may not be fully developed.

Graphically intensive games like Temple Run confuse PCs and laptops without CPU. You will also find that many games get stuck because the program participant is not marketing the design of X-86. But, the basic programs work easily, really a great deal smoother than the old version of Bluestacks.